Rolling, rolling, rolling…


  • some super awesome support from my closest friends to my facebook friends about my commercial (playing on a TV near you)
  • submitted to some promising projects
  • decided to enter Marin Theatre Company’s New Play Award(
  • Prepared my audition piece for the East West Players tomorrow
  • Last day of this session of “theatre camp”- made it through without going ballistic on the children and felt like I was a semi-effective teacher
  • A (good) sense of (a little) validation that I am honoring myself
  • I let my parents know that I was in a commercial                                                          

Some of my gratiludes come with a little bit of my neggy-ness. I’m mean hey, I am working it! I mean, I haven’t worked hard enough on my monologue. I have to drive to LA after work tomorrow and be calm, focused, prepared and know “my doings” (for all my Meisner folk) by 7:30pm- Traffic, listen to me and BE NICE! But it is for a show that I know I could rock as long as I show them I can rock it. And of course, I haven’t worked out this week. I have thought about it a lot which I guess means I am alive… and I bought this awesome pre-popped movie theater popcorn, which has helped me memorize lines and do scene analysis…this is what I am telling myself. Did I mention, I have a THING for popcorn?

My decision to enter this play competition put on by a very reputable theatre company in the Bay Area comes from the awesome artistic director at Impact Theatre, another awesome theatre company in the Bay (Berkeley). I mean, I was giving myself a timeline (Sept. 1) to have my rough draft done…so why not just have a good solid draft cranked out a month earlier? I am hoping that one of my agents can represent me literary wise so I can submit a full play to them. I hope I figure out what I am doing. Yikes. Always an adventure with this moi.

I am finally feeling like some things are paying off. The many jobs, random day jobs, and all the self doubt that plagued me for years…must mean something…? Like I knew they would! Haha. I got through a lot of stuff in the past couple of years and I am glad, so very glad to have landed on my feet even if I am not quite sticking the landing as of yet.

Alright, must do boring things now…like pack lunch and traffic dinner and tell my body and brain that we will get up tomorrow and sweat before we teach some little kids about animals and acting…




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