While I was out…


  • Going on a vacation and seeing more of our country. I can add 2 more states that I have now been to on my list!
  • Small shoot lined up for tomorrow
  • Did a small stock photography shoot and hoping that there were a couple good shots that I can use in my portfolio
  • Got to sit and read – I finished “The Reader” and am currently working on “The Marriage Plot”
  • Went fishing and caught fish—would have still been fun without actually catching fish but so much better being able to catch ‘em, cook ‘em, and eat ‘em.
  • Knowing that there are still some places in the world that beautiful nature is still prevalent (the new pic you see on my page is Lake Hayden near CDA, ID).


I’ve been on vacation. Part of me feels guilty because I haven’t written ONE WORD over this two week period. How can I call myself a working artist? Or an artist for that matter.  Sure, I am not a always paid work artist but I should try to respect myself more. Right? Right…? I did, however, take advantage of sleeping in and getting a tan. I tried new things like huckleberries (!) in a variety of not-good-for me eats. I also tried this thing called: not exercising. I think I will regret that tomorrow when I begin a self imposed detox – bikram yoga, sweating, juicing, getting back on track with eating things not fried and with no sugar. Le sigh. So I ask myself: what did I do to further my career…eh.


I have submitted to some projects and of course, I felt like there were some decent paying projects that happened all in the span of  the two week period of my vacation. I hope that this stream of projects doesn’t diminish just because I am back.


I do know for sure that I did NOT get cast in East West Players production of “Steel Magnolias”- I am going to a preview performance which will either make me incredibly jealous or eternally grateful for not being cast. I am telling myself to remember my gratilude of having a chance to audition. Also, while I am fretting about my small career ; I watched a lot more TV than I normally would at home (mostly HGTV, which I tell myself that it gives me ideas for our own house so I don’t feel as bad wasting hours in front of the television), but I didn’t see my commercial once. Now, I am not trying to sound narcissistic but, well, I want that residual commercial money to last as long as possible. I know I haven’t seen the first check so I maybe I am expecting too much but I would like to know that it’s running out there, at some time, on some channel.


I haven’t heard back from the manager that I sent some materials to…which of course makes me nervous. But, there’s still hope that she will meet with me. I am on the plane ride home, which a half charged computer battery hoping that by writing it will jog some creativity that has been hidden to finish my play. I revised/edited most of ACT I before I left and felt good about the changes so I want to stay positive. I have a MONTH (ONE MONTH!) left to bust this puppy out before the deadline to submit to the competition so I’d better pull something out of my butt. I start working some theatre camps again soon before the “school year” begins so that means I need to balance (there’s that word again) my time and energies. Creative, wholesome, intuitive work and audition, audition, audition. Fingers crossed.


I do have a small shoot lined up tomorrow…Probably a long day but easy—and as long as they keep calling me back when they need bodies it will be extra money. So, my train had a long stop at the station, let’s see if I can build up some steam tomorrow and get it rolling again. Sorry for the tacky metaphor.


Here’s a pic of those fish 🙂 Image


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