Where has the wine gone?


  • Finished my first full 3 Act stage play: “Say Peking Duck”
  • Submitted the play to (so far) 1 contest and 1 playhouse
  • A couple more tiny residuals came my way from my national
  • Starting a new playwrighting workshop, that I was lucky enough to get added to
  • Cast in my debut role in the San Diego area as Soo-Min in “Drop off Day” by E.M. Lewis (a woman who is an inspiration)
  • A successful run of “Car Plays San Diego” brought to the masses by the La Jolla Playhouse and Moving Arts
  • Met and formed some awesome new relationships with my “Car Plays” company
  • 3(!) auditions in one day this week
  • changing my mindset and I feel like it’s working
  • starting my YOGA-A-DAY til’ Xmas – 3 days in with 63 to go
  • went “no meat” for over 2 weeks- then had the most amazing bacon cheeseburger!
  • on my way to getting my artsy project with my friend off the ground (more to come)

Phew! So much time has past and I haven’t written. So much has happened. So much anxiety…so many things to be happy about. But, I keep having to remind myself. At least I am remembering to remind myself.

New goal: blog everyday or a few times a week. This is mostly for myself but I find it a helpful warm up to write and focus. Most of the time I truly forget that I do have things to be grateful for. I am able bodied…I have goals…I have dreams and a passion that I can’t seem to let go of, and it’s all good. Don’t be scurred!

My debut stage role in San Diego was absolutely awesome. “Car Plays: San Diego.” Where else can you see five 10 minute shows in an hour that all take place IN a car? Amazing. 180 shows in 8 days! Talk about acting 101. Brought me back to my Meisner roots, which I was truly happy to have as my backbone during this process. Of course, I wasn’t present every moment but I able to get back up on that beam again and again. “Don’t be good!” Listen. Do your doings. If you aren’t Meisner, you might not understand the previous few statements 🙂

Change my mindset. Be open and let go. Working on it. I found some inspirational meditations and advice from money/life/acting coaches. I am really trying to not only say the affirmations but believe in them. Hokey? Maybe? But if I can truly quiet my inner critic and take away energies and thoughts that serve me in leading an abundant life, then why wouldn’t I help myself.

Right now I am trying my best to be motivated and work on a direction towards creating full time and making awesome thoughtful work. I think I am taking a step in the right direction. It’s effing hard. I still have a “day job,” which is really rewarding but prioritizing my dream first is difficult. I am in the process of making acting my day job (that’s one of my affirmations).

You can bet that in the near future posts you will be reading about all things writing. I will be struggling in turning in 7 pages a week and making sure I get my butt doing yoga everyday. I figure if I can challenge myself to be disciplined everyday in one arena it will definitely help me in every other aspect of my life.

So, raise your glass and toast to challenging your inner critic and renewing your discipline within yourself. I already did that once tonight with nothing to refill my glass with. Damn my discipline! Now, off to read a first act of one my new writing mates!


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