Writer’s Block…this writer is blocked

I’m a not starting with Gratiludes this post because I need to get back on track with my goal for the afternoon, day, month. Rewriting the first 28 pages or so of my play. My first play. Le sigh.

The playwriting workshop that I have been going to for the last few months has been a blessing. It’s been amazing to be in a room with people that have such great insight. They also write AMAZING amazing plays so I definitely feel like I need to step it up. We are on a break right now. I want to take this time to digest all the notes that I have been given and get something going. Like, how to actually start the beginning of my damn play.

It’s funny (and eye-opening) how hearing the words being read every week puts things in perspective. My protaganist is a whiny bitch and I am leaving her best friend out in the dust. I wanted to make a statement about an Asian American experience that I could keenly identify with and it doesn’t start off that way…but around page 28 we know what the story will be about…probably not a great thing if I am making a reader wait til page 28. So, right now I am trying to push myself to keep writing a personal monologue of my protaganist’s best friend to get to know her better, in between looking up healthy avocado recipes and making french pressed coffee.

I jumped on my blog to just write, to get something, to warm it up. Hopefully, it’s working. Once again, I don’t know how to start my play. I would dig deeper into that problem but I fear it may be Pandora’s box :).

My goal of keeping my blog up to date has definitely blown right by me. But I will make it a new vow once again. New gratiludes are abound and plentiful. New Post tomorrow…with or without writer’s block.


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