Well, well, well…fancy meeting you here.

I am keeping this short. This post is more for me than for anybody reading, which probably is not many. I have fallen out of groove with writing–well, more accurately, I grew frustrated and got busy with performing and acting! Which, of course I am grateful for.

So, in an effort to get my play submitted to another play writing contest and to tackle the HUGE amount of rewrites.. I am getting myself going by posting at least a few times a week, meditating everyday, and doing another self imposed yoga challenge– I felt so great doing yoga everyday few a couple of months. Oh and eating with more consciousness (something I try to do most days, but cheese wins out a lot).


I have so many updates with acting and performing and, of course, frustrations and fears. But, getting a better handle on meeting the fear with love. This actually helps me function as a human. Enough! Enough with all the hippy dippy stuff and all the feelings. Now to do! Commence with the action.

1. Posted this morning…check

2. Do everything else.

Fancy meeting you here, motivation. More to come.IMG_0285


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