What’s it all about?

I’m a human. If you are reading this, you are probably human as well. Over the years, I have gone to many classes to “train” to be an actor, an artist, a creator. What does that mean? I was embarrassed for a very long time to even call myself by those words: actor, artist, creator. I felt that those titles had to be earned…and I felt like I was doing nothing to earn that privilege.

Human. Humanity. What drives us? What are my obsessions to, not only obsess over, but to create…uh, over. Basically, I found that my obsessions were being human and all the possible fears and joys that come from that. I want to enjoy experiences things the way I do, even if that means that they are painful. Maybe, I will earn the privilege to take my experiences and create something out of it.

So. Those are my first thoughts and feelings as I create my first ever blog. It’s a way I can organize all the loose “things” rolling around in my brain. I hope that someone, anyone, will find inspiration or chuckle at my bad attempts to collect all those …other thoughts…

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