Other things I find inspiring

I want to put stuff out there that I find humorous, inspiring, compelling…and basically all around cool stuff about people I know…Please check back often to see if I posted something new!

  • My friend from high school recently started doing this awesome signs! I saw it on FB and I immediately told her I want one. I don’t really like all that Live, laugh, love stuff…but I like that she does stuff vintage-y and by hand.  She can put what you want on it. Check it out!! www.facebook.com/GinasSignsAndCreations
  • My friend from back home. (Gotta support those Iowans–no we are not idiots out wandering around!) She lives in Chi-town now…but has always been an awesome artist…now she makes her own jewlery! It’s pretty awesome. Since she is a biomedical illustrator she keeps it biological. Check check her out!  https://www.facebook.com/AnatomicalElement  http://anatomicalelement.etsy.com/
  • Have you ever heard of Ciclovia? — if you haven’t, look it up to see if there is one in the city where you live. Basically, they shut down roads and you can ride your bikes and walk through the city streets for a few hours. I did it in Los Angeles and had the best time. This is link for the one in San Diego: http://ciclosdias.com
  • I feel so happy and fulfilled to have worked with Moving Arts.The have done the Car Plays in both LA and San Diego. Starting a writing workshop/class with the founding Artistic Director of this company, Lee Wochner. Truly something to be excited about.
  • A theatre group all the way from Barcelona, Spain: Kamchatka. During the WOW festival (Without Walls Festival) I so mesmerized by this group. I told one of my cast mates that I wanted to work with them, but they were based out of Spain. She replied, “So, why can’t you?” Why can’t I indeed!
  • This is so compelling and inspiring…if I could live one day of my life like this I think I will have made it. Totally almost cried in front of some kids today while I was watching this. Damn my feelings! Please watch about the this amazing father and son team. Team Hoyt
  • In my self imposed yoga journey I have found a little studio in SD called MOSAIC Yoga I love it! They offer trainings and a variety of classes. There is a hot yoga class, but I wouldn’t call it a “hot yoga” or a Bikram place. Definitely a place to practice to get what you need at that time. Check it out!!!

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  1. If anybody wants me to share your awesome, funny, inspirational stuff.. Please hit me up! 🙂

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