A little breathing room, please…

First off, my gratiludes:

  • Two Auditions
  • Two Callbacks
  • One “on avail”
  • One Booking
  • First National Commercial Booking
  • Meeting like minded peers
  • The support I’m getting in my little weird world

I’ve lived in Cali for awhile, besides my one year spent in The City of Sin (I call it my lost year), I have called Cali my home for more than a few years. There are some weirdos and there is traffic but there is also an ocean and sun. It kind of balances out.

One of my goals for this year is to really get my “creative career” together. Man, creative career sounds kind of lame…get my career together. It’s now or never. It’s already been forever, or at least it feels that way. And I am quite certain I am the one holding myself back. I find myself annoying.

I switched agents this past fall. Well, what had happened was, I got dropped from my other agents in La La land due to my lost year in Vegas and my non-communication. I wasn’t really in a place to …ah…for another time. Full disclosure, I don’ t live in the immediate La la land area anymore, due to my gentleman lover (a gratilude). However, it got me out of my lost year.

When I met with my agent, she was ok with the fact that I lived outside of the hub of all that is the LA monster and signed me. I have been very happy with her and the agency. I get sent out a lot. A lot more than some of my LA based friends. Which is another gratilude.

A couple of weeks ago I had an audition which meant that I drove 2 hours to La La land and wait out traffic afterwards, as to not get stuck in the car for 4 hours, then drive back. I got the callback (!). The next day. Repeat drive.

There were 5 girls called back for my role (including me). So of course, I’m sitting in the waiting area sizing everyone up (“Wow, why is she so much hotter than me?,”), wishing the last of my belly flab would melt off and permanently attach itself to their impossibly flat stomachs (“They look way more Asian than me…should I try to be more Asian?”) and the the casting instructor starts a convo with me. (BTW super cool dude, Dan Bell from Dan Bell Casting). Out of the corner of my eye, I am watching people go in and out of the casting room, where all THOSE people are…the ad agency people, the director, the client…and my brain is wondering if they will go with an Asian girl or one of the Latina girls (obviously, they needed dark haired vixens for this part).

After I finish my callback, I walk to my car, check my phone and the casting director put me on the audition sheet for the next day. Another gratilude.

I repeat the drive for the 3rd time that week. And guess what? I get put on avail for the for the previous callback (which means they like me but not sure if they wanna commit to me, but I should be prepared that they will grow to like me). The next day I get another callback(!). Repeat.

For all of you that don’t know, getting an audition is only a part of the battle. Getting a callback is sometimes like running straight up a mountain in the snow, while having bronchitis, and being chased by those things in Game of Thrones. Being put on avail, makes you think I’ve done something right…or at least they don’t hate my face (should I change my face anyway?!). But booking, booking is awesome. I mean, there really is no other word for it.

I booked it. I booked the audition that by luck was given to me by that pretty cool casting director. It’s my first national commercial. So now I hope that in the edit room, they make sure they leave my face in their somewhere so I can make residuals. Even though, I had a fitting in LA the next day and prepare for the shoot and drive up the day after that…My days, hours, spent in the car all seem worth it. I don’t notice the time too much as I sit through traffic to make it home to my gentleman lover. This is what I want to do. Please, repeat.


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