Love What You Do! Leggo my EGO…

Love What You Do!.

via Love What You Do!.


  • Having friends tell me they saw my commercial
  • Seeing my commercial with my own eyeballs
  • Getting an audition for East West Players in LA
  • Chocoloate Chip cHallah bread (that I am eating the crap out of)
  • finding a “mentor”

I am finally getting over my cold that was also holding my voice hostage. I am able to freely yell at little kids (again) when they can’t be quiet “off stage.” Teaching during this theatre camp session has been going well. Since it is my first time, I am deciding it is going well. The kids are amazing. You can learn so much from the little humans…because they are little people. They have opinions, feelings, egos and much more. Yes, it is tiring but also fun to help them create. Our little play with the villain “The Puzzle Piecer” is going well. We will defeat the puzzle piecer from taking over the tri-state area!

Ego. Observing the kids and learning from their egos has been great thing. I am teaching through “egos.” I hate(!) actor-y egos…This biznass is some hard shiat…and I have found it better to support one another and find people to work with than to think I know everything. Letting go and realizing I don’t know everything has been hard for myself, but I am making improvements. I felt like my ego was telling me to feel sucky, to feel unsuccessful, to let others “success” dictate how I feel– and it didn’t really get me anywhere…besides a year in Vegas where I became a realtor and lived with my parents (it wasn’t all bad, just very awful, I kid I kid. Kind of.) These kids are little…like take an hour to get down the stairs little but they all want to be appreciated, all want to be recognized. But, I feel that it is important for me to help guide them and make sure that they know they should be open to all other opinion and thoughts in the creative process. I have them work in small groups in order to work at these skills.

I hope that my ego doesn’t get in the way for my audition on Wed. I really want to work with the East West Players in LA — it’s an Asian American Theatre Company. I’ve auditioned for them before and got a callback…so hopefully this time will go better. They are putting up “Steel Magnolias,” Asian style. πŸ™‚ I am procrastinating and not working on my monologue audition piece. But I did eat some cHallah bread — I have to finish this loaf to get it out of my house!!! I owe a lot of my gratiludes and small revelations to one of the actors I met on set of the commercial shoot. He’s had no regrets, embarrassments of honoring himself in this profession and it’s gotten him steady work and steady money. I told him he’s my mentor…whether he likes it or not πŸ™‚

Send good acting juju my way. I’ll try to keep my Ego out of it.


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